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"Endurance" reflects the

resiliency of our students. 

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Below are our requirements for the private elementary school scholarship.


Abajo se encuentran nuestros requisitos para la beca de la escuela primaria privada.


Below are our requirements for the higher education scholarship.


Abajo se encuentran nuestros requisitos para la beca de educación superior.


About Us

Hello! We are, Jenn Ortega and Sierra Jackson, two women of color from Chicago. We both graduated from Middlebury College in 2018. In 2020, we created The Endurance Scholarship to provide financial support to students of color from the Chicagoland area who may be experiencing social barriers and are beginning their vocational or collegiate education. Our hope is to alleviate further stresses caused by financial hardships. Based on Sierra’s own experience attending private elementary school, we decided to expand support to Chicagoland private elementary school students of color beginning in 2021. In addition to this work, Jenn is also a program coordinator at Summer Search, a youth mentoring organization, and Sierra is an independent filmmaker and producer.
Many people are not able to pursue their dreams because they cannot cover college deposit costs, books, vocation certification fees- the list goes on. Furthermore, some people are unable to access a higher education without a stable elementary one. Although we are not able to cover full tuition expenses at this time, we hope the amount we can award can provide some relief to cover expenses for students to continue pushing towards their aspirations.



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